November 15, 2009

Concrete-sky and stew

Madi and I took Truff to the Trappist Abbey today for a very wet hike. The leaves were glistening under our feet in the brilliant colors of fall--russet and golden yellow and amber and coffee--and the gray sky made the perfect contrast for the few remaining trees with leaves. One tall tree was a dramatic goldernrod against the concrete-gray sky and it was beautiful. Truff was in dog-paradise going after every scent and checking out the pond and a the waterfall and rooting around in the wet leaves. We walked around the pond a few times, adventured up one path, discovered some communal walking sticks (one of which Madi selected and then was hard pressed to leave it behind) and found a few future paths we will have to take. We stopped at By the Way cafe on the way home in Lafayette. I have been looking for a place like this around here! I think that is only open for breakfast and lunch and is a true diner. I had a bowl of stew and a piece of texas toast and a midwest iceberg lettuce salad. It needed some serious salt, but I am not ruling this place out, I just need to try something else. And sometimes iceberg lettuce with honeymustard, buttered toast, and stew with some added salt is just what you need. Madi had the kid's one cake + bacon/sausage + one egg deal which turned out to be a real score for $3.50. Her pancake was bigger than her plate, the scrambled egg must have been three eggs, and she loved the sausage, although I got the bacon because it was too crispy. As we were leaving, I saw a man get the double hamburger which was seriously 9 inches tall. I want to take Clint there to try out the burger because he does like a good burger.
Madi worried about Truff the whole time because he was alone in the car and very despairing. She smuggled him back a piece of meat from my stew and a chunk of pancake, so I don't think he truly suffered.
Those are our sunday afternoon adventures. Now Madi has been assigned her room to make presentable, but I think that she is styling the American Girl's hair. I am contemplating what I should do this afternoon. Clint's taking a nap so the laundry I need to put away is off limits, happily. I am delighted in "At Home in Mitford" and perhaps that is a perfect read for today. It gives me a fresh perspective about life and challenging people and gives me more grace in my eyes.

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