Pastoral Calling

I have a deep love of scripture and a theology rooted in the tradition of the ancient church and expressed today in the practice of Wesleyans and Evangelical Quakers (two Christian denominations).  I believe that the God calls and invites women into every level of leadership in the church and society.  I believe that scripture is the authoritative and inspired and useful in every way for shaping our lives and for teaching us who God is.  The Church has often looked to the post-Eden world as a guide for gender roles and God’s intention, instead of looking to Eden as the way in which women and men live, worship and work together.  

God has called us to a full partnership that goes far beyond complementary gender roles and glimpses at the relationship of the Trinity. Paul’s pastoral messages give us insight into a time in which legally women had different roles than men and in that cultural context he gives wisdom and direction.  However, it should be far from us as the Church to allow human structures brought about by sin to then shape theological understandings of women and men for the ages. Instead, we see the work of God, slow and steady, to bring forth redemption and freedom in every way as the kingdom continues to unfold. 

I am part of this kingdom vision of women and men created together to give us a glimpse of God, and created together to be at the work of Christ in every way.  I am a preacher, pastor and leader.  I am called to do the work of God because I cannot help speaking of what I have seen and heard.  In this season of life, I serve Jesus in the context of the university.  It's an incredible place of global influence as our students span the globe with work and community. 

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