March 30, 2018

What I Read in March

I am still moving forward on my goal for 50 books in 2018!  I started at 25 as my goal, but quickly decided that it was more ambitious to do 50.  I have now clocked in 13 books toward my 50.  I have to keep reading 4 or 5 books a month to make it to my goal.  March was super intense in everyway, so I am feeling very impressed with myself to get 4 in this month. April is really a full month in the life of the university, so we shall see how I do next month.

But here's what I read in March:
 The Nightingale was my book club book and our group met last night so the discussion is fresh in my mind.  Set in WWII in France, two sisters respond to the war in different, but equally heart-wrenching and inspiring ways.  Kristin Hannah gets inside of a woman's unique experience as a wife, mother, refugee, spy, secret-holder and grief-bearer.  It is a book about profound suffering and what women do to protect life.  Really a phenomenal, gripping tale, the book group loved it although it was deeply emotional at points.  We talked ethical dilemmas until late last night because the book is full of them.

I read Anne of Ingleside last fall when I was looking for a cozy comfort read.  I love books about big families and Anne of Ingleside did it.  I found Rilla of Ingleside (Anne's daughter) when looking for books for my son and picked it up for another cozy read.  Instead, it's about WWI and about loss--the loss of family members, the loss of innocence, the loss of self.  While the Anne of Green Gables books all deal with loss and grief to some extent, this one surprised me.   It was an interesting window into the impact of WWI in a Canadian village, something I truly have never given thought to.  I enjoyed it and it had cozy moments too, but my big takeaway is the question: how do you live when everything about life changes drastically?

My friend Koby and I went to the see the movie and as we are both huge Madeleine L'Engle fans we both reread Wrinkle prior to the film.  The read was great--I had forgotten big chunks of the story line and thoroughly enjoyed it again in a fresh way. The movie was a fine movie, but I didn't find it a good version of the book.  It had it's own agendas to take care of and being true to the storyline did not seem to be one of them.  However, I did enjoy the film, but the book is better. Of course. The book reminds me how much theology and astrophysics are connected. 

I am a huge fan of the enneagram. I teach the enneagram to college students as a guest lecturer and I love to talk enneagram to anyone who is interested.  My husband knew I love the enneagram and that I know the author, Chris Heuertz, so lo and behold, this book showed up on my kindle.  I recommend this for anyone interested in the enneagram journey.  I deeply appreciate the message of grace that is woven into the reflective work. And I will post more on the enneagram and how it is a soul seminary.

So there you have it! My reads for March. Are you reading anything good I could add to my list for April?

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