Real Biblical Womanhood

Real Biblical Womanhood:
Teach men and women like Priscilla
Mentor men like Eunice and Lois did Timothy
Influence the salvation of others like Lydia
Serve as a deacon like Phoebe
Be an apostle like Junia
Be a disciple like Mary of Bethany
Lead a nation like Deborah
Evangelize as did the women who met Jesus at the tomb
Proclaim the good news like the Samaritan woman
Delight in and disciple your children like Elizabeth
Have courage like Mary, the Mother of Jesus
Organize and host events like Martha
Be a worship pastor like Miriam
Dedicate one's life to the church like Anna
Prophesy like Philip's daughters
Advocate for personal justice like Tamar
Save an entire family destiny like Rahab
Manage a household, business (and perhaps a city) like the Prov. 31 woman
Worship like Mary Magdalene
Support the work of the church financially like Joanna and Susanna
Jesus released women from the captivity of a patriarchal world to be set free to lead, minister, teach and disciple. Women's primary identity is no longer "wife of a man, daughter of a father and mother of a son". Women's deepest identity is a disciple of Jesus. It is from this identity that all other relationships and vocations flow. This has set women free to be daughters, mothers, sisters, and wives as a beautiful expression of their calling as first and foremost people of God. This freedom and calling to be people of God releases women from the captivity of cultural patriarchy to be bound to the deep calling of ministers of the Holy God. Scripture as a whole gives support and examples of this transformational shift for women in the midst of a partiarchal culture and a legal system that denied women human rights.

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