May 17, 2010

Yesterday was a great day for a lemonade and brownie stand. I have to admit, I am so not a fan of the supposed DIY lemonade stand. It always involves WAY too much parental participation. However, Madi and friends (neighbors Grace & Cole and Abby from school) really got into it and pulled it off (although I did make 2 trips to the store, washed multiple pans, oversaw the brownie making and sliced all the lemons). I was super impressed with the way that they flagged those cars down. Madi and Abby both made over $10 each. Not too bad for a couple of hours. I really appreciate all of those who stopped for some brownies (which tasted fabulously, but were mushy and very homemade-gooey looking) and lemonade. One lady bought 6 brownies! You Newberg residents are great! And note to self: always stop at the lemonade stands.

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