January 2, 2011

On the first day of Christmas our coffeemaker failed...

Our appliance diaster list (since Christmas):
1.  Returned one Blu-Ray (Clint and I both got each other Blu-Rays for Christmas b/c our dvd player had died).
2.  Promptly lost said Blu-Ray's remote on trip to the beach. Had to make trip to store to buy universal remote and then figure out how to program remote with complicated remote-code sheet ("easy and quick" it lied on overly-packaged plastic container).
3.  Have purchased and returned two coffeemakers (both epic-failures) and been on two incomplete trips for next coffeemaker.  (current coffeemaker died). No christmas coffee in own home during our break.  Except excruciatingly strong stovetop method. Left receipt at home for one coffeemaker resulted in a loss of $6 in original purchase price.
4.  Landline phone died.  Purchased new phone. Lengthy install. Didn't work. Called phone company. Turned out that it was actually the line and not the phone. Returned new phone, but couldn't return it because brought wrong credit card and didn't have correct receipt. Need to make return trip. Had to have phone company come out and fix line.
5. Returned one neck-massager (overpriced, unneeded) to store, only to find out store had closed between Christmas Eve and Dec. 28th.  Had to locate another of same store which resulted in lengthy travel and internet research.
6.  Gift of remote controlled helicopter (very fun, amazing toy) lasted 25 minutes before it broke a tiny swatch of plastic that somehow controls the entire propellar spin deal.
Merry Christmas to us...

1 comment:

  1. Dang girl. Guess you should have just come to Wilmore for Christmas! And I've programmed many a universal remote. I think it might just be you;)


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