July 17, 2011

Harry Potter & Eschatology

This is a Harry Potter summer. Madi--age 11--has read all of the Potter books this summer and we are working our way through the Potter movies. #5 tonight...the big plan is to watch #8 in the theater next week while we are on vacation.  All great fun.

Last night we watched #4--the story of the Tri-wizard competition.  At the end of the film Harry is battling Voldemort and Cedric (a classmate and Tri-wizard competitor) is killed by Voldemort. It's a terrible scene, Cedric's death at the hands of this very evil, demonic creature and then the whole school grieving the death of the student.

However, for me this struck my heart.  Earlier this summer one of my daughter's school classmates was killed in a horrific tragedy--a tragedy that is reflective of the power of evil and brokenness in the world.  Not that a person was evil in this situation--but that in the broken places in our world, evil creeps in and uses what it can to destroy us.  And in this case, destroyed a beautiful girl.

Tears filled my eyes as I watched the "pretend" death of Cedric because of the reality of the death of this child. I have been reading a lot lately about the "inaugurated eschatology" of Christ.  Or more simply, that when Jesus rose from the dead, God began the process of setting all things right.  The resurrection is the anticipation of the world redeemed and restored.  My heart aches for this to come about. For all of the children in the world today who fear for their lives and safety and who live today in pain and exploitation.  Longing for a planet in which children were not destroyed and where Love won.

There is a real Voldemort, unfortunately. Whether you believe in the personification of Evil as in Satan, or an evil force in the world, or simply evil as a result of the brokenness of humanity, when we look at the world we are aware that we do face a foe.

I know the end of the Potter chronicles. Love wins, Voldemort is conquered.
I know the end of The Story of God.  Love wins, Evil is conquered. The world is set right.
I am anticipating this today: the End Has Begun.

Tonight I watched #5 about Dumbledore's Army.   It makes me want to be in training to be ready for what comes my way.
I think I will look for a Room of Requirement.  My sense is, I will find it.


  1. That scene ALWAYS makes me cry. Watching Cedric's dad is so heartbreaking.

  2. I think this is the best writing on Harry Potter I've seen from an intellectual Christian. Thank you so much for writing this. Most Christians completely throw out Harry Potter and don't see the symbolism. I'm glad that you wrote this.

  3. I know a LOT of Christians who love Harry Potter.


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