June 20, 2012

2012 Trafficking in Persons Report from Sec. Clinton

I am incredibly challenged and inspired by the activitist Word Made Flesh women in Kolkata, India and their work to give women coming out of the commercial sex industry hope, life, and relationships.  Secretary Clinton visited them recently and is still talking about these incredible women! You can read (and support) their ministry by checking out Sari Bari.

In the 2012 Report for Trafficking of Persons, this is said:

"The State Dept/TIPS Office honored a group of ppl yesterday in their fight against human trafficking. In Clinton's transcript (link below) - she was reflecting on her interactions with you. Clearly, the time spent with you impacted her. "

"When I met with the people who were working with victims in Kolkata, I met several young women from the United States who had been inspired by reading about and watching and going online and learning about what was happening in the efforts to rescue and protect victims. And they were there in Kolkata, working with organizations, NGOs, and the faith community, to do their part. So this is a moment for people to ask themselves not just what government can do to end modern slavery, but what can I do, what can we do together."


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