August 15, 2009


So I got it all ready...the perfect picnic, the fam-friendly games, the blankets, the bug spray, the citronella candle, the crystal-light, the daughter, the husband--and into the car setting off to McMinnville to catch a little "As You Like It". I have fond memories of Shakespeare in the park in our Lexington KY days marking the end of summer. And we had been planning on this little outdoor theatre for awhile. We sped down the road to the 20 minute away destination and I realized one fatal flaw: no mapquest directions. I assumed I knew where The Ed Grenfell Park was in McMinnville, but now I was having my doubts. We quickly found what I thought was the right park, only to find that it wasn't and ONE HOUR later (and literally 7 relatively unhelpful people later) we finally found the park. By that time we were all stressy and hungry and the play had started. We opted for another park, picnic on our own, the scenic route through one of those fabulous wooden play structures and then a trip to the Serendipity ice cream shoppe. Definitely a place that needs to be spelled "shoppe" and not "shop" as Madi pointed out.
This is a fantastic ice cream shop, complete with player piano. Clint had a coffee ice cream malt, Madi had super-sour ice cream (green apple/watermelon mix) with sprinkles in a waffle cone dish, and I had a perfect dark chocolate fudge sauce sundae with whipped cream and a cherry. The evening was restored. We had a great time laughing on the way home. Everything that Madi said cracked her own self up. She was her own personal jester. A very happy fam night which could have been a small disaster (and was for the hour that we zoomed around McMinnville). And I ate a spider on purpose at the picnic...but that's another story.

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