June 6, 2010

The Latest from Before

Madi: Mom! Wait! I have to go first.
Sarah: And herein lies our whole relationship.

I have switched to a new format for The Latest...so here is the now the old Latest:

Clint: When we are done with the book that we are reading, I want to start a new one with you, Madi.
Madi: I better call my lawyer on that.

Madi: Mom, is Stevie Wonder a real person?
Me: Yes.
Madi: Was he a rock star?
Me: Yes...he did a lot of jazz kinda stuff..so not like a rocker rock star.
Madi: Oh, like Hannah Montana?

Me (after fretting all day about how to break the news): Madi, Honey [our guinea pig] died this morning? I am so sorry to tell you this.
Madi [with no pause]: Can I get a cat?

Madi: "Mom, are you bringing your coffee while you drive? That's always a disaster."

Yesterday I asked Clint to "plump up the tires" on our bikes. He said he would absolutely not being doing anything so unmasculine as plumping up tires. Pumping he would consider.

Last week I started a fire in our trunk. Really. I was packing the trunk (very well mind you) and stuff in our pillows and towels in the back. Then when I went to close the trunk, it wouldn't latch. I left it for an hour or so to have Clint figure it out when the final packing was completed. When we went to get into the car an hour or so later, there was a terrible burning smell. Apparently, the light in the trunk had remained on (since I hadn't latched it) and the pillow was up against the bulb and had caught fire. There was a black hole in the pillow with smoldering feathers. Clint discovered said emergency minus 911 and car plus family was saved.

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  1. i thought i would leave no more comments, but this one is really amazing. :)


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