June 6, 2010

Clint was gone for Memorial Day and so I decided that Madi and I need to memorialize our Memorial Day. We packed our bags went for a fun overnight to The Grand Lodge in Forest Grove. And it was even a school night! We checked into our room--a simple room with bunk beds and a bath down the hall (but a sink in our room) and took a tour of the facilities. We found the Japanese-style heated soaking pool (salt water) and took a dip. We sprawled out on our bunks and read and read and read and then took in a moive in the hotel's theater. By then it was getting kind of late (school night) and so we went to one of the hotel's restaurants downstairs and split a brownie sundae and then went to bed. We had such a great time together. Got up early the next morning, had our continental breakfast and then got Madi to school at 8:27 a.m. just in the nick of time. We had great mama and Madi bonding time and we both fully enjoyed our time. It was certainly a Memory Day on Memorial Day.
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