June 6, 2010

Clint was gone for Memorial Day and so I decided that Madi and I need to memorialize our Memorial Day. We packed our bags went for a fun overnight to The Grand Lodge in Forest Grove. And it was even a school night! We checked into our room--a simple room with bunk beds and a bath down the hall (but a sink in our room) and took a tour of the facilities. We found the Japanese-style heated soaking pool (salt water) and took a dip. We sprawled out on our bunks and read and read and read and then took in a moive in the hotel's theater. By then it was getting kind of late (school night) and so we went to one of the hotel's restaurants downstairs and split a brownie sundae and then went to bed. We had such a great time together. Got up early the next morning, had our continental breakfast and then got Madi to school at 8:27 a.m. just in the nick of time. We had great mama and Madi bonding time and we both fully enjoyed our time. It was certainly a Memory Day on Memorial Day.
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  1. Just stumbled across your blog after Googling my name, which is also Sarah Baldwin! Is this you in the photo with Madi? We even look alike. I love your posts and your list of favorite authors include some of mine -- Anne Lamott and Madeleine L'Engle being at the top of this list. I wrote to Madelein L'Engle when I was in high school, and she wrote the nicest letter back.

    Besides authors, we seem to share interests in parenting and things spiritual, so I'm delighted to "meet" you. I'll keep checking back. If you're interested, have a peek at my blog at http://www.blog.bellalunatoys.com


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