June 6, 2010


I loved this film so much that I bought it. Well, Madi did beg for it and then I decided if I rented it at Blockbuster that I might as well buy it. Because if I rented it twice that's like $5.95 a time and for that price it's like buying it. Or maybe we should do netflix.
It's so uncommon that there are adventure movies with girls as the heroine. And so, finally, a movie with a strong female lead character who becomes the champion not to win a man's heart, but because of her very own sense of character and goodness.
I often say that the hardest thing in the world is to become who you are created to be. In this film the Mad Hatter says to Alice that she has lost her "muchness" , that she used to be more "muchier." The Hatter is meaning that Alice is not as much Alice as she used to be. As the film goes Alice becomes more and more of Alice. She gets her "muchness" back and she recognizes who she really is. In one great moment the White Queen tells Alice that she must choose whether or not to be the champion if she thinks it is right--not to please anyone--for when she faces the monster she will be alone. Girls are faced with so much pressure of who to be and what to like, who to please and who not to. Learning to listen to the voice that is their Muchness gets lost. I love a film that celebrates girls as champions! Here's to muchiness! It makes me want to be Much Sarah, the Muchiest Sarah possible. (And Johnny Depp was fantastic as always).


  1. reminds me of a great quote- francis lappe: not to become better people, but to become more fully ourselves. (i messed with it a little, but when i find it again I will send you the accurate quote). also I am having a good time reading through many of your blogs. they are wonderful. thank you for sharing your thoughts and for sharing your self. your very MUCH SARAH self. i am glad to be with you in our becomings.

  2. I think your muchiness is showing, Sarah!


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