February 23, 2011


Do not wear yourself out to get rich; be wise enough to desist.
Prov. 23: 4

Enough is enough.  The "more" virus gets me way too often. Whether it is more stuff, more money, more friendship, more stuff to do, more roles to play, the wisdom of enough is elusive.
Proverbs speaks to that as well--the eye is never satisfied, the stomach is always hungry, the empty womb always wants a child.
The world sings about it: can't get enough satisfaction, can't do enough be enough, or know enough.

Not to desire more than what is: this is the spiritual work of a lifetime.
Whether it is wealth, or jobs or cars or babies or vacations or even the fruit of ministry, enough is enough. Open handed release, surrender and detachment is the language of a soul submitted to the work of the Spirit.

Wise enough to know when to desist.


  1. You should desist and take a much needed vacation to Wilmore. :)

  2. you are such a good friend! I agree. will you be there next year or where will you be?

  3. My favorite devotional book is God is Enough by Hannah Whitall Smith. She says . . . if He is really and truly our Father; if, in short, all the many aspects He has told us of His character and His ways are actually true, then we must come to the positive conviction that He is, in himself alone, enough for all our needs and that we may safely rest in Him absolutely and forever."
    If God is enough, we need to strive no further, but to simply rest in Him.


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