April 10, 2011

funny madi sayings

Madi is just being so hilarious these days--I have to write down some of her sayings:

in the backseat of the car, after finding out something good (can't remember what it was): "Lord, take me now!", with hands thrown up in the air.

to Clint, who played a really good word in scrabble, "you little evil dude."

to me, when she gets into the car: "I am here, your life just got better."

on the way to the bathroom to get dressed:  "shake your booty, now...shake it to the right, shake it to the left, shake it, shake your booooooootttttttyyyyyy."

last night after the mr.bruin (male funny "beauty pageant"/talent show)--"now i like to have a little dirt on everyone....it comes in handy."

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