May 8, 2011

Clint-fuscious says #1

I am starting a new blog-feature today that has been long in coming.
Clint has much wisdom he likes to tell the world on a regular basis.  I think I'll share a few with you in an ongoing manner. I think I'll call it:

Clint-fuscious says:

He who jogs by highway sucks in exhaust which does more damage than exercise helps.

She who puts away things in less than perfect space is not one who put things away.

She who microwaves food in plastic containers contributes to general loss of brain cells of family members.

One must not ever throw away coffee. No matter how old it is, the coffee must be kept, despite even the oily residue that settles on the top. Coffee must be conserved.

He who finds something useful along side of the road, but does not stop and pick it up, does not practice frugality.


  1. Ahh . . . I've been needing some Clint-fucsious-ism! It refreshes my soul to know Clint-o is so near in spirit! (Except the coffee part--have a hard time with that!)

  2. A great feature. Tell Clint we miss him; I could use more of thtat voice in my life.

  3. this is amazing. when's the book coming out??


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