May 8, 2011

mother's day capers

Madi & Clint took me to one of my fav restaurants La Provence--
brunch started out with chocolate croissants...which really I could live on, and it would have been the perfect meal in and of itself....      

but wait, this was my Mother's Day piece de resistance...
Tri-mushroom herb medley with blue cheese, over-easy eggs and yukon gold potatoes.
This was food bliss.

Here we are: the three of us.  Little family, big love.  So grateful to share life with these two beautiful human beings.
& the reason I get to celebrate being a mother in the biological sense--  What keeps me more grounded, humble, and connected to the Divine than to be part of creating a life?  I am grateful every day to be a mother.  We all can be creators and shapers of life in spiritual and biological ways if we embrace our call to parent the next generation. I am in awe of this life-delight.

But one more thing...
my day would have not been the same without the Madi-Spa-Treatment of the Banana Mash Facial. Hmm...couldn't resist sharing this picture--
Curses, you American Girl "Mom & Me" Spa Day Book of Ideas, generated for the under 12 crowd 


  1. Sometimes I find it particularly disappointing that in the general scheme of human evolution (whether you believe it to be millions of years or only 6,000), humanity has not tired of the bunny ears. ;)

  2. you are too funny.
    it must be in our human dna to do bunny ears.
    probably cave people were doing bunny ears in the cave drawings. must check.


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