October 15, 2011

Forty Gifts

My husband, Clint, turns 40 tomorrow.  I am thinking about the gifts that he has given me over the years. Here are 40 of the gifts that Clint has given me:

1.  a love for Thomas Merton
2.  an appreciation for a medium rare steak
3.  to take note of the constellations in the sky
4.  cello music, a delight in
5.  an interest in World Cup soccer
6.  action film enjoyment--although he may now rue this a bit, but it's his fault
7.  the BBC...really anything BBC, but particularly Masterpiece Theaters and other dramas
8.  Over the Rhine, Natalie Merchant, 10,000 Maniacs, 77s, U2--really, any kind of music I know is through Clint
9.  a love of world travel, and a willingness to go without having everything "figured out" ahead of time
10.  walking in the rain
11.  black and white movies, especially Casablanca
12.  the song "When a man loves a woman"
13.  used book store browsing
14.  coffee. Clint introduced me to coffee and is responsible for cultivating my taste for good coffee.
15.  Abbey of Gethsemane fudge
16.  Word Made Flesh experience--I was introduced via Clint's friendship, and it has become a life passion
17.  going to seminary together (this changed our lives, doing this together)
18.  theological conversation--being my "orthodoxy" and "heresy" checkpoint
19.  being my biggest fan, day after day
20.  believing that I am capable of doing anything that I set my heart too (although I still don't think that's technically true :) , but if Clint believes it...)
21.  co-parenting, all the way, all the time.
22.  turning down a dream job and moving across the country for MY job, without any hope of a job for himself.  That's a big one.
23.  introductions to SO many people...Clint is ALWAYS introducing me to people
24.  a willingness to strike up friendship with strangers
25.  Fantasia.  I would never have watched this.
26.  The Dark is Rising series and The White Mountains trilogy
27.  Ferdinand the Bull, a children's story--and the meaning behind it.
28.  Mary Oliver. Yes, Clint introduced me to Mary.  Gave me her first book.
29. Feminist theology.  Clint's a better feminist then me.  And he keeps pushing me to embrace...
30.  Pacifism. For real. I am on the journey of pacifism.  And Clint is my sherpa in this.
31.  Documentaries...any documentary that I watch is through Clint, generally.
32.  Learning about genocide and other atrocities.  Clint, again.
33.  Being willing to go into the pit of hell so that my heart will be broken. Clint is the leader.
34.  attention to budget and financial matters.  yuck.
35.  Tougher skin. How to withstand criticism and hold my ground.
36.   Life is Beautiful, one of my all time favorite films.
37.  Subtitles.  I wouldn't watch anything with a subtitle without knowing Clint.
38.  Portland.  He's the city sherpa, introduces me to all the cool places
39.  a love for art and pottery
40.  my daughter, Madi. The delight of my life!

Clint, you have given me way more than 40 gifts.  Thank you for your steadfast love and for being the Connector of my life...to people, ideas, theology, dreams, visions, beauty...I am a richer person because of you. And deeper.

Happy birthday!
love, me


  1. Cool. A lovely list. Thank you.

  2. These are all great, but I particularly love 18. We all need that! Also, 22 is pretty great. ;) We're all thankful for that gift, too!

  3. A beautiful and very creative list. Much, much better than using black on the 40th. Smile. Dad.


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