October 18, 2011

when preaching

When preaching

words pounding like blood through veins
message: conceived, alive, with pulse
one, two, three--go!

Begin. Smile. Breathe.

be confident, they can smell fear.

words coming forth, dancing together
weaving in and out and around.

Holy Spirit, Speak.

catching breath, where am i going?
i know this, it's inside of me.
i lose sight of it for a moment,
it takes on its own life,
moves its own direction.

catch an eye. one is sleeping, another is with me.
faces respond, some cloud over, some stare, some nod.

i see the end of the way.
my voice raises...steady, steady, slower.

the message is born.
listen for the first gasp of new life

Holy Spirit, Speak.

i step away
pretend to pray
skin crawling with vulnerability.

Holy Spirit, Speak

to me,

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