January 29, 2012

Pour me up some Downton Abbey

Oh, like the rest of America (okay, a certain swath of the rest of America), I am completely delighted with Downton Abbey.  I am enthralled by the Earl of Grantham's gentleness and bravo, Cora's gullibility--and yet odd strength--the Dowager Countess' unabashed self-promotion, Sybil's feminism. Like you I have cheered on Anna and Mr. Bates, completely been taken by Mr. Carson,  and love to hate O'Brien and Thomas.  The love triangles, the tea, the driving-lessons, the secret kisses, the valiant and not-so valiant hearts--it's all like Earl Gray tea for the soul:  comforting, strong, sometimes bitter and with a zing of something we can't quite name. I like mine with double cream.

When the opening music fills our living room, my husband and I both sigh with happiness.  Pour me up some Downton Abbey.

However, I think that the injustice of the downstairs-upstairs effect is somewhat lost on me.  I want to roar out in the ridiculousness of the aristocracy, but when the last episode I watched closed, all I wanted was someone to lay out my dress in the morning and ring a bell for dinner at eight. All of my heartfelt belief about justice and humanity wiped out by a television show when I want someone to braid my hair and prepare a soft-boiled egg and please use that darling china with the red village images.

Okay, well that is an overstatement. I haven't lost sight of all of my principles.

But, I have to confess, the aristocracy is quite appealing for someone who is constantly managing the clutter, dishes, more then fulltime work, and trying to determine a wardrobe that doesn't look completely "over" in the late nineties.

Well, all I need is a Mrs. Hughes--just one Mrs. Hughes--to rule over my housekeeping and dressing with all of her no-nonsense yet maternal ways.
Mrs. Hughes, if you are out there, I can't pay you much (or at all), but I might be able to squeeze you into our guest bedroom.  I can even make it look like the one you have at Downton Abbey. Let me know if you are interested.

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