January 29, 2012

Pour me up some Downton Abbey

Oh, like the rest of America (okay, a certain swath of the rest of America), I am completely delighted with Downton Abbey.  I am enthralled by the Earl of Grantham's gentleness and bravo, Cora's gullibility--and yet odd strength--the Dowager Countess' unabashed self-promotion, Sybil's feminism. Like you I have cheered on Anna and Mr. Bates, completely been taken by Mr. Carson,  and love to hate O'Brien and Thomas.  The love triangles, the tea, the driving-lessons, the secret kisses, the valiant and not-so valiant hearts--it's all like Earl Gray tea for the soul:  comforting, strong, sometimes bitter and with a zing of something we can't quite name. I like mine with double cream.

When the opening music fills our living room, my husband and I both sigh with happiness.  Pour me up some Downton Abbey.

However, I think that the injustice of the downstairs-upstairs effect is somewhat lost on me.  I want to roar out in the ridiculousness of the aristocracy, but when the last episode I watched closed, all I wanted was someone to lay out my dress in the morning and ring a bell for dinner at eight. All of my heartfelt belief about justice and humanity wiped out by a television show when I want someone to braid my hair and prepare a soft-boiled egg and please use that darling china with the red village images.

Okay, well that is an overstatement. I haven't lost sight of all of my principles.

But, I have to confess, the aristocracy is quite appealing for someone who is constantly managing the clutter, dishes, more then fulltime work, and trying to determine a wardrobe that doesn't look completely "over" in the late nineties.

Well, all I need is a Mrs. Hughes--just one Mrs. Hughes--to rule over my housekeeping and dressing with all of her no-nonsense yet maternal ways.
Mrs. Hughes, if you are out there, I can't pay you much (or at all), but I might be able to squeeze you into our guest bedroom.  I can even make it look like the one you have at Downton Abbey. Let me know if you are interested.


  1. Sounds like a great series. The problem is always keep up and getting to see all the episodes. TLT

  2. ...would love to be your Mrs. Hughes, though we'd need to squeeze all six of us in the guest room. I'm afraid we'd lose some effect. :)


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