April 28, 2012

Easter Times

We celebrated Easter with our friends the Muthiahs for the fourth year.  Here's a few fun shots of the day:

We have made an Baldwin bunny cake since Madi was a toddler!  It's our fam tradition!  Someone gave us a cross-shaped cake pan for Easter...but I have never used it...just seems weird to make a cross-cake.  But maybe next year...

This year we wanted to try a new Easter concoction! Clint did most of the icing for these, Madi and I did the grass and the eyes and beak. Pretty good for our first, try right? 

The Muthiahs taught us their family's egg-bonking game.  Whichever egg cracks, loses.  The game goes on until an Egg-Bonking Winner is Declared!!!

SQUINTY fam picture!

all the kids at the Muthiah Easter Egg Hunt with their loot!

Ready set GO!!!

1 comment:

  1. There's going to be another person in those pictures next year!!!


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