May 30, 2012

London Fog

my new morning delight:
London Fog.

I have learned how to make it myself:

1/2 cup milk in microwave for 60 seconds until steamy
add 2 tsp vanilla syrup (or 1 tsp vanilla + some sweetener)--more or less

steep a cup of Earl Gray Tea for 3 minutes

Reheat in microwave if your London Fog does not look steamy/foggy enough.

Feel British.
(do they even drink this in Britain?)

Begin day perfectly.


  1. Also known as tea au lait (or at least similar to it). Yesterday, I found a homemade recipe for digestive biscuits, those fantastic cookies the British eat with tea. Here's the recipe of you want to make them to go with your London Fog. :) Scroll down in the comments area to find the American measurements. I'm going to make them today and see how they turn out!

  2. This is my favorite! I've been teaching clueless baristas all over the area how to make it!


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