April 13, 2015

Weekend Memoirs: 936 Weekends

Last week was a very full week (and a little stressful) so I was tired going into the weekend.  I still feel a bit of a stress-hangover from last week.  I have another big week now so I am finding little pockets of time to breathe this week (or at least that is the plan!).

The weekend was full.  Friday evening we spent with my parents.  My mom made a delish quiche and we mostly watched the littlest one entertain us with his antics.  Saturday morning I ran errands with the teen and toddler. Teen needs clothing for her musical costume (she's in Legally Blonde).  Madi and I got Starbucks and watched the toddler at the mall playplace and then ran to Kroger. Picked up the house a bit (but didn't make a dent in the laundry this weekend. It's truly taking over the laundry room at a frightening pace. Like a virus).
opening in less than two weeks!).

Clint and I were semi-chaperones at the University Junior-Senior Dance on Saturday evening. They had a mashed potato bar (must remember for future events!).  Fun to see the students looking gorgeous and young and full of life.  Clint and I escaped early and went into the city and shared a bread pudding dessert at the sweet Shakespeare & Co.  Which is definitely more of a brunch place than a Saturday night place at 10 p.m., but ah well, very sweet.  And good to have a bit of a date with my beloved.

Yesterday Clint had a friend visiting and we all went to the races at Keeneland.  Beautiful day and sunshine and a gorgeous setting.  We got our taste of the Keeneland crowd--perhaps the only place in the world where people dress up with bow ties for a sporting event! And heels! And jackets! I loved that part.  A cultural experience for sure.

The best part for us was visiting the horses in the stables.  We hiked back to car and returned home.

Then there was mass chaos because the toddler and the dog escaped from the house.  Both were recovered.

Made homemade pizza (with my new bread machine).
And then two of my dear oldest friends stopped by and made my evening!

A full weekend and no wonder I am tired this morning.
But good to remember that life is happening and I am so much to be grateful for.

How was your weekend?
Is your laundry taking over the house as well?

*This post is part of a new series on 936 Weekends.  We have 936 weekends in the life of a child before they are 18.  Here's to celebrating each one of them and realizing how much time we do have.

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