April 11, 2015

What I'm reading this week:

In print

Still reading The Glorious Dark...
Finished (for the third or fourth time) The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.  I read this with my leadership team at the university.  We have a strong team so this was mostly to give us a common language regarding healthy and whole teams.  However, there is so much good in that book to think about and implement.

On my kindle
Lauren Winner's Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis.  (enjoying this!)Finished Wild for the book club.  Dropped Heist Society.  

In my ears
Listening to The Red Queen.  Society is divided into two classes:  the silver bloods and the red bloods. Silvers have special powers, red bloods are their slaves.  A red blood girl discovers (rather dramatically) that she has the power to create electricity. The Silvers decide to use her in a strategic marriage and to help control the country. And of course, there are Silver princes and Red romance and love triangles and what will she do?

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