October 1, 2016

Summer Bucket List Review

K at the Oregon coast 

It's officially fall!  Past the fall equinox, but more than that, the weather has finally changed.  It's a lovely 56 degrees this morning.  Finally, finally pulling out the fall clothes and the first PSL of the season (of course).  

I haven't been blogging at all for a long time which I attribute to life in general, but I miss itHowever, I do want to check back in and see if I did my summer bucket list. So here it goes: 
  • Catch lightning bugs--DONE!
  • Host a summer party for Madi's friends--YES, DONE!

  • Host a summer party for my friends--WELL--YES, my friend Bethany hosted a fabulous birthday party for me which was as summer highlight.  We had a Thai-Mexican fusion potluck and shared poetry.

  • Read the Harry Potter series (again! but it's been awhile)--halfway thru book 2--MADE IT TO 1/2 in BOOK 4
  • Have many s-l-o-w summer evenings of park, walks, sitting outside  (in process)--LOTS OF EVENING WALKS!
  • Get to the beach!  (Oregon coast in July)--YES! IT WAS WONDERFUL!
  • Get away as a family--summer VACAY!!  (Oregon in July)--YES:  We saw Madi at her camp and had a day with her  enjoying Portland,  went to the Oregon zoo, spent 3 great weather days at the coast, saw friends
  • Shakespeare at the Park--DONE! and more to come!
  • Pool trips with Kai (I am aiming for 5 pool visits)--NO! I did not go to the pool once.  However, we did splash in our kiddie pool several times.  
  • Make homemade ice cream--DID NOT HAPPEN.
  • Make a container vegetable garden--YES.  We enjoyed cherry tomatoes all summer!
  • Go camping as a family (this is planned for late Aug or early Sept)--SADLY, NO
  • Restaurant date with Clint, sitting outside on a patio--NO...I don't think Clint and I had the date night with the patio restaurant that was in my mind. 
  • Day with Madi  (TBD)--DID NOT HAPPEN

Summer ended much earlier than I was anticipating. When I got back from vacation around July 20, my work took off and August was a blur of activity.  So, some of my summer plans for August did not happen.  However,  we did have a great summer and I feel good about where I ended up.

Did summer feel like summer to you?  Did you finish your bucket list?

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