September 25, 2017

Weekend Report

in 18 years, we have 936 weekends before our child leaves for college.  Planning the weekends as a family helps me take note of how to be intentional with my kids, but also helps me savor this life I am living.  This weekend I was sick which framed the whole time. But at least there was space to be sick.

Friday evening I was totally exhausted.  This was a huge week (traveling over night on a work trip--although it was with Clint so that was a huge bonus! but it took a lot of family and work logistics) and I ended up getting sick.  I have not had a cold in a long time, so I can't complaint to much, but nevertheless, by Friday evening my energy felt siphoned out of my bones.

But there are still kids to manage.  We ate dinner at the university cafeteria which is pretty standard for us and then walked home enjoying a beautiful evening.  Clint watched Superfriends (throw back, vintage style) with Kai and I played with the baby and put her to bed.  Finally Kai was asleep by 9ish and I sat down the couch to chat with Clint.  We talked about watching a movie, but in the end, I fell asleep on the couch and then transferred to the bed feeling fairly miserable.

Saturday Emily woke up at 6:30 a.m. She also was awake a good deal in the night, so I pulled myself out of bed feeling miserable and tried to get her to take her bottle. Emily has all kinds of issues around eating and drinking her bottle because of how the infantile spasms have effected her muscle tone and appetite (or may be her medicine as well), so it's quite a dance getting her to eat enough each day.  I spent Saturday morning trying to go back to bed and feeling overwhelmed with everything I did not have energy to do.  I did get a brief nap when Emily slept.

Clint took Kai to soccer. It was terribly hot outside so neither of them had a particularly good time. I had a hair appointment in the afternoon.  I took Emily with me since she would sleep in her carseat. Turns out they had lost my appointment!  Goodness.  I took the baby to the library and picked up dessert for our evening event.

Came home and laid down again on the couch and fell asleep hard for 20 minutes. Kai curled up beside me and that was pure delight.  Having a little 5 year old body nestled up to my back-- Heaven. Played Noah's Ark playmobile with Kai.  Practiced eating with Emily. She does not eat very much solid foods. We work on helping her eat a few bits and then practice eating a cracker or pear or something like that.  Yesterday she did eat maybe a tablespoon of yogurt and she did really get into gnawing on the pear.  Gave her a bath. Worked with Clint to get both kids ready to go to our friends' house for a late dinner.

Last night we had our (approximately) monthly dinner club with two other couples.  We have to plan a good 6 weeks out to get it on everyone's calendar.  Clint and I get the really delightful end of the deal. The other couples both have a professional cook/baker in the mix.  Last night we sat out on the porch with candles and celebrated the fall equinox with homemade!! wholewheat fettuccine topped with baked acorn squash, salad with pear and blue cheese and the most heavenly homemade!! crusty bread.  Our contribution was ice cream and raspberries (see what I mean about Clint and I getting the better end of this deal!).  The meal was phenomenal.  Really, the baked fettuccine was The Best Pasta I Have Ever Had.  We talked late into the evening. Emily went to sleep in pack and play and Kai watched a movie with one of the other family's boys. Kai had the best time getting to play with the bigger boy.  He was still going strong when we left at 11:00 p.m.!

Sunday both Emily and I were still sick and our regular sunday school was cancelled, so we did not go to church.  I did take Kai swimming and then picked up the house a bit.  On Sunday evening, Clint and I had dinner with three retired congressmen who are coming to the university to present on faith & politics this week.  I learned a lot about North Korea. It was a fun (and sobering!) and an engaging evening!

So with illness in the mix, we had a pretty good weekend--
Time with friends on Saturday evening and Kai had a blast playing with the other boy.
Kai had a soccer game and got to go swimming.
Got a significant amount of laundry done.
Enjoyed Emily a bunch.  She started cooing a bit last night (which we haven't seen since her seizures began).
And got to have dinner with distinguished guests!

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