October 5, 2017

Weekend Report

Can you do your weekend report at almost the next weekend?  Well, yes, you can.
The highlight of last weekend was spending the day with Madi, Kai and Emily at Bi-Water Farm.  The day got off to a terrible start. We had planned to go to the eating disorders walk in Cincinatti, but that felt through at the last minute and then after we redeemed the loss with a new plan--the pumpkin patch!--I lost the van keys IN THE HOUSE.  We looked for an hour. My parents saved the day and we borrowed their van and went on our merry way.  I did find said keys that evening--above the kitchen sink where I had stopped to rinse out a bottle for Emily on the way out the door.

The baby loved the sensory corn bin! Made me think we need to create something like this at home.

How cute is this?  We will have take this shot next year to see how Kai grew!!!

Such a fun weekend!  As usual there was many moving pieces in the weekend.  Clint was at men's retreat with the university students so on Friday evening, I went to bed with the kids at 9:00 p.m. That is how grown ups with kids sleep in. 
This weekend we are looking forward to A LOT of Family Weekend festivities at the University. AND, I am planning on a concert in Indy with my dear friend, Koby. 
What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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